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Coaching for Relational Intelligence by Richard C. Huseman, Ph.D.
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Our Approach

Richard Huseman's coaching and consulting practice is grounded in the tenants of Equity Theory The Three Laws of Equity (114kb right click and save target as). Equity Theory has a rich history in philosophy, economics, anthropology and psychology. Going back more than two thousand years ago to his Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle left little doubt about what he saw at the core of all human relationships: reciprocity.

The very existence of the state depends on reciprocity...
It is exchange that binds men together.

Simply stated, Equity Theory asserts that in all exchanges - material, financial, intellectual or emotional - people "give to get." It is the perceived balance between give and get that determines whether people feel an interaction is positive/beneficial or negative/adverse.

Dick Huseman has taken Equity Theory and developed a multi-faceted approach to creating and maintaining prosperous, winning organizational relationships... especially between employees and their immediate leaders. The leader/direct report relationship is the key to any performance improvement endeavor because the immediate leader has the most direct impact on the give-to-get balance employees perceive in their work.

The majority of Dick's books, workshops, training materials, coaching and consulting focus on maximizing the balance of give and get for employees so that leaders can create high performance and successful organizational cultures.

Our Approach in Practice:

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