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The Coaching Playbook is an individually tailored report based on anonymous feedback from their employees gathered via an online survey called The Job Relation Inventory or JRI. The JRI assesses how employees perceive their organization, their job, and especially their immediate leader.

The resulting Coaching Playbook offers leaders feedback as to what "currencies," in addition to pay, are most important to their employees and the extent to which their employees feel they actually receive these other currencies.

Going far beyond 360° feedback, The Coaching Playbook then links what employees want from their work to several key leadership strategies that the leader can implement on a day-to-day basis. Using these strategies, leaders can give employees more of what they want from work and, in return, get the high performance needed for success.

Coaching Playbook applications include:

  • Supporting leaders who are in challenging job assignments and want to be more effective with their teams.
  • Securing real on-the-job data to compliment existing training programs.
  • Providing content for coaching and feedback programs for leaders.

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