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Coaching for Relational Intelligence by Richard C. Huseman, Ph.D.
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Leadership Audits

Most senior leaders are not fully aware of the leadership talent and potential that exists in their organization. Dick Huseman's interview-based Leadership Audits assess the current strengths and resources an organization has available to draw upon including an organization's level of leadership bench strength going into the future.

In addition, our Leadership Audits assess the current skill level of leadership talent in view of current and possible future industry challenges. The true purpose of an organizational Leadership Audit is to give senior leaders a baseline in terms of their leadership team and how best to position their team to win.

For more information about how a Leadership Audit could give you and your organization a competitive edge, please contact us.

Succession Planning

Thinking ahead is a cardinal rule of business. Succession planning ensures that your organization will have the ongoing talent to keep your organization successful into the future. Our succession planning process is divided into three phases:

Phase 1: Assessment of current leadership bench strength
Phase 2: Identification of one or more potential successors for various key posts (or groups of similar key posts)
Phase 3: Formulation of development plans for potential successors in order to prepare them for future roles

Our clients have engaged in Succession Planning to achieve a number of objectives including:

  • Auditing the 'talent-pool' of the organization
  • Active development of longer-term successors
  • Streamlining of replacement process for key leadership posts
  • Fostering a corporate culture

For more information about Succession Planning for your organization, please contact us at contact us.

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