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Coaching for Relational Intelligence by Richard C. Huseman, Ph.D.
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Executive and Performance Coaching

In England in the 1500's, a "coach" referred to a particular type of carriage. "To coach" meant to transport a person from where they were to where they wanted to be. So it is in the world of professional coaching today.

The role of a coach is to enable an individual to get from where they are to where they want to be in a manner that is most consistent with that individual's skills and talents. Unlike most traditional forms of training and development, coaching takes place on-the-job and is focused on the current day-to-day challenges facing the individual being coached. In addition, coaching provides unprecedented flexibility in terms of fitting into an executive's busy schedule and being able to quickly adapt to the changing needs of a client and/or organization.

Executive versus Performance Coaching

  • Executive coaching focuses on developing and leveraging general leadership skills in order to enhance an executive's individual effectiveness both in their current role as well as potential future roles as they progress along their career path.
  • Performance coaching also focuses on enhancing leadership skills but in a manner that addresses performance goals and targets required to ensure success.

Dick Huseman and his team are highly experienced and talented coaches who dedicate themselves to enabling their individual and organizational clients reach their peak potential.

The ROI of Coaching

The financial return on investment for coaching has been the focus of many recent studies which showed that while it is sometimes hard to quantify, data does show a strong correlation between coaching and substantial improvements to performance and profitability. Based on the work with Dick's own clients, organizational coaching initiatives have yielded strong financial returns including one $1.5 million coaching initiative which, according to senior leadership for that organization, yielded over $11 million in returns.

More importantly, the competitive advantage gained by providing coaching to current leadership talents in the organization as well as rising leadership talents has been a major value-added benefit to the majority of our clients to date.

For more information on how executive and/or performance coaching can benefit the leadership in your organization, please contact us.

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