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Health Care Coaching for Relational Intelligence by Richard C. Huseman, Ph.D.
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Our Approach

Richard Huseman's coaching and health care consulting practice is grounded in a Relational Model for Health Care.

No matter what industry you are in, strong relationships are the key to success.  This is especially true of health care.

Despite nursing's long history of emphasizing caring relationships in its practice and ethos, this relationship focus has not become the defining force in health care. There has been little formal acknowledgement of the importance of relationships and few fomral efforts to learn how to develop and leverage mutually beneficial relationships in health care.  

When a patient seeks medical care, they usually have only a very limited ability to evaluate the clinical care they receive.  In terms of their clinical treatment, they can tell if their pain stops and whether they are “getting better,” but that’s about it.

However, when it comes to how well patients feel they are treated “as a person” by the medical staff and a healthcare organization as a whole… that is where many healthcare providers fall short.  People are very good at evaluating whether they have been “cared” for on a personal level and that is where often they feel slighted by the medical community. All to often lack of caring and communication with patients and family members results in dismal patient satisfaction scores.

For patients, the relationship with their provider(s) frequently is the most therapeutic aspect of the health care encounter.

Some healthcare professionals might argue by saying, “We save lives.  We can’t worry about making everyone happy with how we do it.”   In the past, this might have been true.  Healthcare was in the unique position of being an industry where providers were paid the same fee regardless of the level of satisfaction perceived by their customers. 

No more!

JCAHO and the new reimbursement guidelines for Medicare/Medicaid have made patient satisfaction a significant part of the revenue equation.  The relationship between healthcare providers and their patients (and their families) has become an issue of making or losing millions of dollars in revenue for health care providers.

Dick Huseman and his team know the importance of relationships, not only with patients and their families, but among hospital leaders, medical staff and auxiliary personnel.  Anyone and everyone who comes in contact with a patient has an impact on the overall patient experience.  Therefore, our approach encompasses all relationships within a health care facility and focusing on ways to make them positive and prosperous for all involved.

Our Approach in Practice:

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