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Coaching for Relational Intelligence by Richard C. Huseman, Ph.D.
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Our Organizational Tools

The Leadership & Relational Intelligence® Audit (LRQ)

See a sample LRQ Feedback Report (116kb, right-click and save target as)

The 360° LRQ survey gathers perceptions from a leader's peers and supervisors as to the leader's leadership skills and ability to build/maintain long-term relationships. The summarized data in the LRQ feedback report serves as the basis for developing a Coaching Action Plan to enhance and maximize a leader's Relational Intelligence® with those they work with on a day-to-day basis. Leadership dimensions measured include:

  • Leadership strategies used by the leader.
  • The leader’s ability to leverage influence effectively.
  • Influence tactics and style used by the leader.
  • Coaching and feedback skills of the leader.
  • Ability to effectively build and maintain long-term relationships.
  • Verbatim comments about what the leader should keep, start and stop doing to be more effective.

The Coaching Playbook

See a sample Coaching Playbook (213kb, right-click and save target as)

The Coaching Playbook is an individually tailored report generated for a leader based on anonymous feedback gathered from their employees. It assesses how employees perceive their organization, their job, and especially their immediate manager.

Specifically, The Coaching Playbook offers managers/leaders feedback as to what "currencies," in addition to pay, are most important to their employees and the extent to which their employees feel they actually receive these other currencies.

Going far beyond 360' feedback, The Coaching Playbook then links what employees want from their work to several key managerial strategies that the manager/leader can implement on a day-to-day basis. Using these strategies, managers/leaders can give employees what they want from work and, in return, get the high performance and profit needed for success.

Coaching Playbook applications include:

  • Supporting leaders who are in challenging job assignments and want to be more effective with their teams.
  • Securing real on-the-job data to compliment existing organizational training programs.
  • Providing content for coaching and feedback programs for leaders.

For more information on how The Coaching Playbook can be utilized by you and/or your organization, please contact us.

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The Player Performance Analysis (PPA)

In order to build a winning team, a good coach must know the specific strengths of each of the players on his or her team. Athletic coaches regularly assess the current skills and effectiveness of each player and develop plans to maximize each player's future performance for the team. In business, only rarely do leaders have a similar level of knowledge and focus about the individual members of their teams. Without this knowledge and focus, players on that team may be underutilized, ineffectively tasked or set on a track for failure. The Player Performance Analysis enables leaders to assess each of their individual players as to their contributions to the team and how best to position them to win in the future.

For more information on how you can utilize The Player Performance Analysis to assess the individual members of your team, please contact us.

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Self Assessment Instruments

The Relational Style Survey (RSS)

We all have a major strength when relating to others - do you know what yours is? Do you know how to leverage your relational strength when you interact with others? The Relational Style Survey is a self-assessment instrument designed to identify your major strength when relating with others and how you can effectively use that strength to your advantage.

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The Personal Preferences Inventory (PPI)

How do you really react to change? Is it in times of turbulence and transition or periods of stability and calm that you perform your best? The Personal Preferences Inventory is a self-assessment instrument that measures how you approach change on five key dimensions. You will not only gain insight into your own personal reactions to change but you will also discover how you can be more effective with your work team during periods of turbulence and major transition.

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