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Coaching for Relational Intelligence by Richard C. Huseman, Ph.D.
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Speaking, Seminars and Workshops

Dick Huseman is a nationally recognized motivational speaker and trainer. All of Dick's presentations and workshops are customized to meet the needs and circumstances of our clients.

Below is a listing of Dick's most popular sessions, each of which is available in a keynote, half-day or full-day format. For more information on any of Dick's workshops and seminars, please contact us.

To see samples of Dick's speaking engagements, please choose from the following:

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from "The Leader As Coach: How to Coach a Winning Team" from "BreakOUT: Unleash the Power of People"

The Leader As Coach: How to Coach a Winning Team

Download a pdf overview (46kb, right-click and save target as)

In this presentation based on his book, The Leader As Coach: How To Coach A Winning Team, Dick Huseman provides a highly motivational overview of why a coaching approach can give leaders the edge in terms of building high-performance and high energy teams. The ultimate goal of The Leader As Coach program is to help individual leaders build a coaching culture within their organization. It explains why having a coach allows people to receive the feedback and motivation to play at the top of their game. It also emphasizes how being a coach enables leaders to provide feedback and serve in a supportive role helping others make the most of their talent and potential. Program participants walk away with several real-world coaching tools and techniques that they can immediately begin implementing with their teams.

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How the Brain Works: Unlocking The Secret to Great Leadership

Download a pdf overview (43kb, right-click and save target as)

In this presentation based on his book, How The Brain Works: Unlocking The Secret To Great Leadership, Dick discusses a dilemma he was faced with after working in the area of leadership development for over 30 years. He had read book after book, heard theory after theory and had seen literally hundreds of different leadership practices and strategies at work only to lay awake at night and wonder at their lack of consistency. Sometimes a particular leadership approach would work. More often, it didn't. He had yet to find a single leadership approach that work consistently over time and across varying organizations. After years of research and contemplation, however, Dick finally discovered the true secret to great leadership. It is, as he states, "a simple matter of understanding how the brain works." In the How The Brain Works seminar, Dick shares his insights on how great leaders help people to "rewire" their brains for success. He shares several "secret arts" that allow leaders to get their people to "think" about what it takes to win both for themselves and for their organization.

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BreakOUT: Unleash the Power of People

Download a pdf overview (48kb, right-click and save target as)

In this presentation based on his book, BreakOUT: Unleash the Power of Human Capital, Dick Huseman invites people to do more than just "think out of the box." He encourages them to BREAKOUT of the box entirely. Dick explains how most of us as individuals and organizations are trapped inside the box of "incrementalism." Being inside this box means that we live day to day with self-imposed limitations that we hardly realize are there. Yet, these self-imposed limitations blind us to our full potential and allow us to be satisfied with the status quo. If and when we do change, we usually seek only the most modest of changes. But, as Dick explains, the world is changing far too fast for incremental changes to be sufficient to keep individuals and organizations competitive. In order to compete and win, we have to be able to take great leaps forward in terms of how we think, how we act, and how we relate to one another. BREAKOUT is designed to help both individuals and organizations unlock their true potential in order to reach new levels of performance and personal satisfaction.

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Relational IntelligenceSM:
A Relational Approach to Leadership

Download a pdf overview (226kb, right-click and save target as)

We all know about IQ (our intelligence quotient).  Many of heard about EQ (our emotional intelligence).  But very few have ever heard of, much less tested, their RQ (our relational intelligence).  In this presentation, Dick Huseman introduces his trademarked concept of Relational IntelligenceSM.  After many years of working with an array of corporations and industries, Dick began to recognize a pattern to great leadership; it is how smart leaders are in their relationships with others, especially employees.  Truly successful leaders understand that a long-term focus on relationships with employees is essential to securing high performance and keeping a competitive edge.  Building trust, seeing every interaction as a part of the dynamic whole of a relationship and understanding the impact of interactions on both past perceptions and future functionality of a relationship are key concepts every leader should be aware of and practice.  Dick Huseman presents his unique tips and practices for Relational IntelligenceSM in this highly engaging presentation.

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Taking the "Con" Out of Confronting and Securing Accountability

Download a pdf overview (235kb, right-click and save target as)

Securing accountability for performance is a critical aspect of leadership.  For many leaders who have strong nurturing-focused communication styles, confronting employees about performance issues can be difficult.  For other leaders who have strong confronting and/or controlling communication styles, confronting employees about performance issues may come more naturally but is not always done effectively.  In his presentation, CarefrontingSM: Taking the "Con" Out of Confronting and Securing Accountability, Dick Huseman explains his trademarked approach for all leadership and communication styles.  CarefrontingSM requires that a leader be courageous and step up to the plate to deliver performance feedback, even when it is difficult.  However, communicating this feedback does not have to be "confrontational" in a negative sense.  Rather it can be "care-frontational," providing feedback to enhance performance and accountability in a positive, caring way.  Dick Huseman presents several different tools and techniques that allow leaders to adopt a CarefrontingSM approach in their performance communications with employees right away.

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